Once Upon A Time In China, a Kung-Fu movie i watch over and over, watching Jet Lee kicking people here and there. All i knew, China was all about Martial Arts, that's what i got from the movies.

Well, i had a chance to visit this country when my work partner invited me. We were going to have a full week of meeting, then we could spare two days in Shanghai. So, as a so called picture taker, i asked my friend where to visit in Shanghai, and he said that i need to go to Yuyuan Old Street, a shopping market with many historical relics.

Fig. A: Yuyuan Old Market Street

I wasn't into shopping at that time, but the architecture was so amazing. You'll feel like you were in Kung Fu movies, with Tsui Hark directing you :). As the sun went down, people started to light up the lamps, and the nuance was amazing.

Fig. B: Yuyuan Old Market Street with city lights

I wasn't expecting to find a starbuck coffee shop here, but i did :) I thought i would get different taste of coffee, since China is famous with their cuisine. Honestly, i thought i would get a cappuccino and ginseng for the topping, but i was wrong. Starbuck coffee is starbuck coffee, where ever it is :D

Fig. C: Starbuck Coffee

Fig. D: Starbuck Coffee Signage, not written in Chinese :D

As we walked down the street, i took some picture here and there, even though i didn't know what building it was (every building was named in Chinese character). So, here are the result.

Fig. E: A large gate with lotus building in the background

Fig. F: A beautiful street corner

We decided to keep walking and found some cozy local bar with beautiful view, Oriental Pearl Tower ! I took three pints of Tsingtao beer while enjoying the view till midnight. We decided to visit Oriental Pearl Tower the next night. See you at my next post, Xie Xie :)

Fig. G: local bar with Oriental Pearl Tower view