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We're Married
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We're married. Yes, a marriage is not an easy breezy step to get through, but yes we did. Things were hard when two families were talking about how they should manage the wedding ceremony, we could either go with European style, or doing it in Batak Toba style (since both of us are bataknese). The long discussion finally ended with a conclusion, we were going to go in Batak Toba style.

Fig. A: Martumpol (Engagement in Batak Culture)

Martumpol is like an engagement in European style, where the event is held when the bride-and-bridegroom-to-be bound their promise to God to get married. The event was held in church, and attended by the parents and their relatives. Martumpol is usually conducted 2 weeks before the wedding day.

Fig. B: Christian Marriage Ceremony

So we did it. We tied the knot in a church located in Kota Pinang, somewhere in Sumatra island, around 7 hours by car from Medan. The Holy Matrimony went smoothly, and the wedding vow was spoken well in shaky voices :)

Fig. C: Mangulosi

It didn't stop there. We went to a place to have a cultural wedding ceremony that lasted for hours. Started with Bataknese dance welcoming the family and relatives, having a gala-lunch (pork was the food we provided mainly), and the last part is Mangulosi, where each relatives gave us a Bataknese Traditional cloth named Ulos.

Fig. D: We're Married

So this is it. We're married. We couldn't feel happier than we felt this day, March 12, 2016.