This is my sunset photos taken at Kiluan Dolphin Bay (-5.77749,105.113411). My gear was my old camera Canon 400D, and the must have stuff for every sunset-picture-taker: TRIPOD!

Fig. A: Kiluan Sunset, in a shade of blue

Above photo shows the sunset in blue shades. The sky's color was changing from blue to purple, and you'll see the difference when you look at the next photos.

Fig. B: Kiluan Sunset, in a shade of purple

This is the same photo taken 5 minutes after the previous one. The sky was dramatically changing into a shade of purple. I didn't change any setting on my gear, the speed was 1/50 with focal length 18mm.

Fig. C: Kiluan Sunset, with long exposure technique

This time i did a bit improvisation on the setting. I was trying the long exposure technique to make the sea looks softer (the speed was 10"). Well.. nothing’s good happen on this photo actually :D.

Fig. D: Kiluan Sunset, PANORAMIC

I combined 4 pictures to make the photo in Fig. D using Photoshop. Well, you can use your smartphone feature to do this, but I don’t think the result will be as dramatic as that on my photo :)

Fig. E: Kiluan Sunset, with POI

Yep, finally, we have POI :) For you guys who don't know what POI stands for, it’s Point of Interest. It’s the part of your picture that attracts the viewers at. (my very own definition :p). I didn’t see it coming actually when a boat crossed my viewfinder surprisingly, then, it just happened beautifully.