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Egen 18 Maori
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Hi all, this time i'd like to review my newest guitar project, an ibanez egen18 custom guitar. If you guys know a band named dragon force, it's a kind of power metal band with it's fenomenal shredder guitarist called Herman Li, well, this is actually his signature model. Let me start by saying that I've never been into shred guitars, but Egen 18 has totally opened my eyes. It's really slim and lightweight, with a monkey grip on it that'll make it easier to handle.

Fig. A: Egen 18 Maori

Egen 18 Maori. That's the first thing came in my mind when i design my guitar, since i am going to have my maori tattoo design displayed on the body. That is why i choose to use Ash Wood for the body. Yes, the same ash wood you will find in a telecaster, but it is actually an Indonesian ash wood, in local name, and we called it Sungkai. An ash wood is generally light in colour, so it will give enough contrast to my black Polynesian tattoo. Plus, the grain will look beautiful on a guitar body. I also use local wood for the 22-fret fretboard, that is called sonokeling wood. It's actually a rosewood from Indonesia.

Fig. B: Maori Tattoo

Fig. C: Monkey Grip and "Sonokeling" wood for 22-fret fretboard.

Now we talk about the hardware. I use Seymour Duncan 59 for the bridge and neck pickup. As you know this pickup will give you vintage voice, but the sound output will be lighter since the wood body is ash wood. I use Black Cosmo Floyd Rose for the bridge, pickup mounting ring, locknut, and dryer. At the back, i put a ZPS so the tremolo will hold great tune.

Fig. D: Seymour Duncan 59 Bridge and Neck Pickup, with Black Cosmo Floyd Rose Bridge.

Fig. E: ZPS.

For those who like quick single-note playing, a flat fretboard will fit them well. In addition, you need to have a shorter distance between the string and the fretboard.

Fig. F: Flat fretboard.

Fig. G: Egen 18 Maori.

So if you guys want to have the same guitar or any design with my tattoo on it, contact me at rinonainggolan@gmail.com. And talking about the sound, you can watch my review on youtube video here :

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