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200 Years Old Guitar
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It was in 2016 when i visited Valencia, Spain. I had one single day to stroll around in the city after finishing my work there. First thing came into my mind was going to the cathedral, but somehow i found a place hidden between high-rise-gothic-style buildings close to the cathedral. It was a museum called González Martí National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts. Yes, it was a ceramic museum. I'm not a ceramic-kind-of-guy, but the gate was so breathtaking, so i entered this place.

Fig. A: The Gate of the Museum

This blog should be showing many photos of the ceramic collection this museum has, but i decided to write it later on the next blog, since there was one thing i found that made me so happy (eargasm, eyegasm, whatevergasm, you name it). I found a pair of guitar, and one of them came from the year of 1794 !!!! I thought i read it wrong and thought the year was 1974, but i was wrong. It was really made in 1794 (more than 200 years old guitar !!!).

The guitar i'm talking about is made by Josef Benedid (Cadiz, Spain). You can check it here if you think i'm wrong. It's a 6 string guitar made of maple wood on it's body, and spruce top with mother-of-pearl and mahogany inlays. The weird thing is you can see the fret is placed not only on the fret board, but also placed on the body all the way to the sound hole.

Fig. B: Josef Benedid Guitar (1974).

Fig. C: Josef Benedid Guitar (1974) close up view.

If you are interested in learning guitar made by this luthier, you can find it here.

The other guitar is kinda mysterious. I cannot find any article about it, but it looked like more or less the same as the previous guitar, so i assumed the luthier made these two guitars.

Fig. D: The Other Mysterious Guitar.

Fig. E: The Other Mysterious Guitar (close up view).

That's all folks, i wish i could come back to his city one day and find another interesting guitar :)

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